by Brianna Lane

Released 2005
Released 2005
Brave, melencholic, cathartic...one strong yet hushed and cozy voice delivering infectious melodies...
This chick puts the word "singer" in singer/songwriter. Brianna grew up in Minnesota so you can blame her sweetness on her roots but this girl has been on the road non-stop for two years so you can hear her experiences in every note she sings. She has a voice and a presence beyond her years. She strums an acoustic guitar with the same sweetness and power in which she sings. Brianna is currently touring in the midwest and on the east coast supporting "Radiator", her sophomore release.

"Brianna Lane sings her songs with a lovely melancholy, almost as if she were apologizing for her angst-filled songs of sadness and lost love. Her acoustic guitar gently weeps through almost a dozen indie-rock tunes, wandering through an introspective depression while maintaining a brave face all the same.
For example, on Sad Songs she sings
"you listen to sad songs too much, and it shows, your heart's been broken one too many times," almost as if she needs to explain why her songs are, indeed, sad. Depressing, or no, Lane's songs are beautiful and cathartic, almost telling us that it's OK to feel down, but not to let it get us down at the same time."
-MishMash (www.mishmash.tripod.com)

"Brianna Lane is a songwriter in the truest form. With her acoustic guitar by her side and her hushed, cozy voice, she creates incredible stories and infectious melodies.
On Radiator, Lane's second full-length album, she's rocketing toward making a name for herself. Her music is decidedly folk, but consistently holds hands with country and rock styles, but never strays too far on either side. Fans of Dar Williams will not be disappointed. Womenfolk is proud to introduce the fourth in its This Woman's Work series with the inclusion of Brianna Lane."
-Womenfolk (www.womenfolk.net)

About "Radiator"
created in January of 2005
produced by Evan Brubaker at Spectre Studios in Tacoma, WA
mastered by Troy Glessner at Spectre Mastering
musicians include:
Brianna Lane on acoustic guitar nd lead vocals
Evan Brubaker on bass, keyboards, backgroud vocals
Joel Litwin on drums
Jonathan Kingham on electric guitar and piano

Evan Brubaker has worked with other CDBaby artists such as Edie Carey, Holly Figueroa, and Kim Tuvim (check these ladies out).